Who is Sacred Bones Society

We are a motorcycle club ... a club of like-minded individuals.

Does not matter when, where, or type of weather .
We come from all walks of life, and does not matter what type of motorcycle you ride ...

No disrespect to traditional clubs
Our members are tired of traditional clubs and their politics!
But no club is without rules

If you're the type of biker who mostly ends up just ride with one of your buds!
Wants to be a part of a Club, with like minded individuals.
But don't be kid yourself, if your not going to be part of the club, don't expect to be in this club.

Our club has no clubhouse, no monthly dues, no mandatory meetings,
But again, remember if you don't participate, your not really part of this club,
and may not make full membership.
What is important to us is:
for members to take care of there family, job, support our troops, and Vets ...
then have fun and party together with their brothers.
We Live to Ride ~ Ride to Live..

The SBSMC is about having a good time, Supporting our Military, and Brotherhood.
If this sounds like you ... Check us out.